Customized Menu

  With your New Service Questionnaire we map out a diet specifically for you and your family. Within the goals and guidelines of your diet, incorporating taste, restrictions, and preferences, we customize your weekly menu. We submit your menu 48 hours before delivery each week via email, and welcome any changes you’d like to make. 


Feedback & Requests

  We take comprehensive notes based on your feedback to ensure that we’re cultivating and executing your ideal service. We love and encourage all feedback! Requests are always welcome as well. We love to prepare what you WANT to enjoy and love to know what looks good to you!


Grocery Shopping

  Once you approve your menu, we personally shop for and hand pick the best ingredients with which to prepare your meals. We choose ingredients based on your price point and health goals from local farmer’s markets and Whole Foods Markets. 



    Each dish is hand-made from scratch with your family in mind using expertise, creativity, and passion. While preparing your meals, we thoroughly adhere to all preferences communicated to us. 



  We use 100% recycled paper containers for most meals and reusable & recyclable BPA free plastic containers for sauces and soups. 



  Delivery is customized for each client’s needs and preferences. Based on your frequency of service your delivery schedule may look like one of the following examples. If you’re on a five-day-a-week plan, we will drop off two day’s worth of meals every other day. If you are on a three-day-a-week plan, we will drop off one day’s worth of meals every other day. If you’d like all meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we deliver that evening’s dinner along with the following day’s breakfast, lunch, etc. 


  Once your food has been handed off to a receiving person it can be stored in a refrigerator to be reheated or enjoyed right away!


Why choose me?

 I have more than 15 years of experience working with clients to deliver customized, tailored meals that fit you and your family’s specific dietary needs. Other companies take a general approach to building and preparing meals. I believe that when it comes to food, there is no one size fits all solution. What you eat can affect your energy, metabolism, concentration, sleep and overall health. Food is important but it shouldn’t be a burden to you. I can provide you and your family with healthy meal options that will make you feel happier and healthier. 

I promise you’ll notice a difference.    

- Gena Olivier