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Above shot of table, blue table cloth, various sizes bowls of spices, salads and breads.

history & expertise

Hello! I'm private chef, Gena Olivier. Over the last fifteen years I've had the pleasure of creating delicious meals and decadent treats for those seeking to improve their quality of diet with fresh, inspired, delicious meals. Do you find that "clean eating" sometimes requires more planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and TIME than feels practical and sustainable? It's my pleasure to make your ideal diet a convenient and sustainable reality.   

Side view of table full of food. Various bowls containing side dishes.

options & preference

We offer a range of service options to best suit your needs. We deliver directly to you, dinners only or all meals including juices, smoothies, snacks, and desserts. 

Above view of table with various sized plated breakfast foods including eggs, waffles and fruit.

quality & convenience

I am proud to take the fuss out of eating well for my clients. No planning, shopping, cooking, or cleaning. It would be my pleasure to do the same for you and your family!

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What sets us apart?

  What sets us apart from other local meal delivery services is our obsession with making clean, nutrient dense meals not only wildly delicious, but also a convenient reality! We are very proud to say that in this market, we have no real competitors. If your goal is to transform your diet into meals that are nutritionally rich and void of harmful chemicals, all while cutting out the research, meal planning, grocery shopping, prep, cooking, and cleaning, We’ve. Got. You. Diet is like exercise in that it requires commitment. This is our specialty, and we are delighted that you’ve decided to prioritize health and wellness for yourself and your family. 

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